This is our story.

  • 1. At the beginning...

    There were elements of our upbringing that fucked us up in all sorts of ways. We didn't feel like we belonged. We didn't feel liked. We didn’t feel wanted. We were damaged, our valuations decreased. And though we were angry and punished for our anger, which made us angrier, until we got tired of that, until we said fuck it, and scattered ourselves like stars--we found a new family. And it was made of the undervalued, of people like us.
  • 2. We acted out.

    We got into fights, we drank the vodka of our parents, smoked cigarettes and weed in middle school, started selling joints. Not long after, we found art. Instruments, canvases, blow torches and sheets of steel. Experimentation was our ally. We disappeared into our dreams.
  • 3. But then things changed

    Transcendence. The universe stepping in, making us pivot from the long sadness, the anger, the trauma. Now poetry. Now sentences. Now lines. We looked up every word we could find. We understood the Great Power of naming. We became masters of art. We understood revolutions were real. We understood we could participate.
  • 4. Art for us... when you find there's a hole in your song, but you don't try to fill it but instead go exploring. And afterwards, when you close it back up, your sutures of melody are glued to metallic strings. Forever. And you can scream or cry or blow fire right through the middle of the miracle that is the key of E. Or you can take that key and unlock the door to the magical castles at the end of the mind, where whatever monster you’re wrestling is tamed. At least for a little while.
  • 5. The figures in this collection...

    ...are based on a story. One from history and one that's ongoing. It's about sadness and pain, about unreal cures and unreal patients. A tiny broom that sweeps the sadness from a voice. A beautiful zipper that allows for the sweeping.
  • 6. We can be anything.

    Having visited the void and climbed back out of it, we returned transcendent, resplendent, radiant. Understanding we can be anything we choose.